Use file system task to delete directory contents

You can clear the contents of a directory by using a file system task and configuring it so that it deletes directory content.

1.Drag a File System Task from the toolbox onto the canvas and name it appropriately.

2.Create a variable that will be used to provide the directory path for the task.   In our example,

vSftpInboundFilePath - The inbound path for files we acquire from the SFTP server. Enter your destination path. For example, C:\Staging\.

3.Configure the file system task so that the contents of the intended directory are deleted.  Click on the “OK” button once completed.

5. Contents before execution.

6..Execute the task.

7.Verify directory contents are removed.

In this post I demonstrated how to delete the contents of a directory using a file system task. This is part of a larger project. In my next post I will provide more back ground on the project itself and will describe each of the components involved in the project. See you there.