Steps for creating an updateable drop down list for Excel Validation

If you've ever encountered the need for a customizable data validation list in Excel,  an Excel named list becomes a valuable tool for data validation and effortless updates. Consider creating a dynamic dropdown list that adapts to changes, ensuring both accuracy and consistency in your data.


Let's walk through the steps:

1.Create Your List in Excel:

  • Launch Excel     and establish a column containing the items you wish to include in your     list.

2.Name Your List:

  • Highlight the     cells housing your list.
  • Navigate to the Formulas tab, and select "Define Name."
  • Assign a name to your list (e.g., "ValidationList") and     confirm by clicking OK.

3.Data Validation:

  • Move to the     cell where you envision the dropdown.
  • Access the Data tab, and select "Data Validation."
  • In the Allow box, opt for "List."
  • For the Source, input "=ValidationList" (substitute     "ValidationList" with your chosen name). 


Now, you have a dynamic dropdown list intricately linked to your named list. Any modifications to the named list will seamlessly reflect in the dropdown list.

For tailored updates to the list:

1.Modify Named List:

  • Navigate to the     Formulas tab and click on "Name Manager."
  • Locate and choose your named list ("ValidationList").
  • Click "Edit" and make necessary adjustments to the range     or items.

2.Update Data Validation:

  • Excel     automatically updates the dropdown list to mirror changes in the named     list.


This setup streamlines the maintenance and customization of your dropdown list without the hassle of manually updating each data validation cell.