Recipes That My Kids Actually Love

Hello again everyone. So, what are recipe links doing on my blog now? Well, if you must know, I have them here as a quick reference for myself, and to provide you with some helpful recipes, especially when you want to whip up something quickly. My blog is not an affiliate site and I get no financial compensation for the links. These recipes are actually pretty good. The proof is that there are no leftovers when I make them. Granted, everyone has a certain preference, regarding the various spices. Give the recipe a go, and if you feel it is missing something simply add it the next time you make if. One caveat, is you will need the Instapot for most if not all of these recipes. I swear, this is not an affiliate blog. I purchased it to make meals quickly so that I can also focus on my other responsibilities and it has worked out pretty well.

I should probably mention that I am the father of three. I have been working a hybrid schedule for the last year and a half. I have had to struggle with balancing work, school drop offs/pickups, and meal prep. Also, before the pandemic, March 2020, I simply did not know how to cook. Well, that is not totally true. I could grill certain meats pretty well. But when it came to solid meals, I really was that great. At the time I was 46. I am 48 now. Some additional information is that my parents were both professional cooks. My father is Puerto Rican and my mother originated in Mexico. I do not know if you h

I have no dog in the fight when it comes to the products and/or advertisements in these links. Chicken Marsala:


Spinach Stuffed Chicken:

Chicken and Dumplings

Abondigas (Yes I am of Latino origin) This is a meatball soup. Not quite like mom made it. But it was excellent none the less.

Pot Roast:

Panera Copy Cat Brocolli and Cheddar soup:

Pasta Fagoli Soup:

Chicken Pot Pie Soup:

Pinto Beans:

Chile Verde: