Salesforce Admin Prep Notes - Basic Introduction

Salesforce Basics - Notes for Preparing for the SF Admin Exam

Key Terms:

App Launcher: This is a tile in Salesforce that links to your connected and standard apps from a centralized location. It resembles a waffle.

Tabs: This is the method SF uses for allowing the user to access information, through the user interface. Admins can create and customize tabs to address the organizations needs. Tabs in SF are comparable to the tabs in MS Excel, except they appear at the top of the screen.

Page Layout: SF uses a page layout to present a single view of a record and associated details. In SF, records are synonymous with rows in a table.

Field: A data point holding relevant data. In SF, fields are synonymous with columns in table.

Related List: A section of a single record in SF, holding items related to you current record.

Object: Objects are comparable to tables in a database. There are seven standard objects: 

  •      Account: Company, organization, or person you are conducting business with.
  •      Contact: A person associated with an Account.
  •      Opportunity: Potential sales and/or deals.
  •      Lead: A person or company that is a potential customer.
  •      Campaign: The acts associated with seeking out current or new customers.
  •      Case: Customer feedback or issues.
  •      User : A person using the SF system.

Records: Records are comparable to rows within a database table in a database. Remember, page layouts display a single record, meaning they are displaying a single row of data.

Fields: Fields are comparable to columns in a database table. Fields in a Page Layout are displaying the the intersection of column and row within a table.

Anatomy of a page layout.
Related list

Standard Object Relationships

Master/Detail (Parent/Child) : The term Master/Detail and Parent/Child relationship are synonymous.

  • One Account can be related to multiple Contacts, Opportunities, and Cases.
  • Many cases can be associated with one contact.
  • Contacts, Opportunities, and Cases can lookup to the Account record and Cases, similarly, can look up to the Contact record.
  • If a Parent record is deleted, associated child records are deleted as well.
Master/Detail(Parent/Child Relationship)

Lookup Relationship: In a lookup relationship, no direct relationships exists between child and parent.

  • For example, Contacts and Leads have no direct relationship with a Campaign.
  • When an association to a Campaign is created a new Campaign Member record is created.
  • There is no direct relationship to the Campaign.
  • If the parent record is deleted it has no effect on Lead of Contact records.
Lookup relationship.

Object Manager: Tool that allows Administrators to access and manage object settings for fields, page layouts, and compact layouts, for standard and custom objects.

Object Manager

Schema Builder: Comparable to  architect's blueprint in the Salesforce world. It allows the Adminisrtor to view relationships between objec and create custom objects and fields.